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All photography by Zane Karklina, The Fairy Godmother Project Ltd. goes through a basic editing process that includes colour correction, light and shadow adjustments, contrast and sharpness adjustment, and is particularly suitable for event photography, websites, social media and emails. Photographs will be available for selection and further high standard retouching and editing if necessary. We will retouch them for you and provide Hi & Low resolution finished images that you will be able to access easily from our webpage’s password protected gallery, or download from a link. CD or USB can be issued if required.

Corporate Photography by Zane Karklina The Fairy Godmother Project

The further advanced high standard professional retouching provides special attention to a person’s eyes, the under eye area, skin enhancement, and minor hair and wardrobe repairs, to provide more captivating and glamorous-looking images. It is particularly suitable for images intended for prints and larger website images such as headshots and portraits. Cost for image retouching is £20 per image.

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