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Amy & Neil


Thank you so much for providing us with a whole album full of amazing photos. You did an amazing job preparing in the lead up to the wedding and on the day too, blending into the crowds so we got some lovely relaxed shots, as well as being able to command large numbers for the posed photos.

Thank you again very much.

Janis & Brett


We will always remember our wedding day and thanks to Zane we have amazing photos to share with our family and friends. Zane was there to capture the day and we couldn't be happier with her passion, dedication and of course the results. The pictures turned out colourful and truly capture the feelings of the day. Zane was there throughout the day and the guests were pleased that the photographer managed to get so many candid shots without intrusion. The photos look natural and capture the day beautifully.

Zane was very professional and managed people well to set up group shots, very considerate of the composition and looks.

Zane worked hard during the day and stepped up to the challenge - we had a retro double decker bus on the day to transport the guests - Zane was there for all the action shots. We managed to get some "us" time with the photographer at the reception and are truly happy with the results. We went through the selected photos with Zane shortly after the wedding. She was there in person and had good comments on final adjustments and photo selection for the wedding album.

What a beautiful day it was for us and a massive thanks to Zane for being there with us!

Mellissa & Sheldon

After meeting Zane at the wedding show at the Double Tree Hilton, Ealing in October 2014, I felt nothing but warmth and an awareness of her professionalism from the moment we met…

People tend to be either one thing or the other - either too professional and cold, with no personality, or too friendly and so laid back that the quality of service is affected. On the day of the shoot, we were nervous as neither me nor my fiancé had done anything like this before, but her warm and friendly personality enabled us to relax. She just advised us to be ourselves.

Our photo shoot was at the beautiful Chiswick Gardens, done just after sunrise … we had fun and it did not feel like a chore with boring poses …she always focused on us and made the entire experience very personal and intimate as it should be.

After all, it was all about us…Not only did she capture beautiful pictures, but when we showed our photos to family and friends, they saw more than just pictures of a couple. They saw also our love and fondness for each other ….cheesy I know right .. but true.

We absolutely adore our engagement photos and will treasure this experience for the rest of our lives. We were provided with a professional and quality service that exceeded our expectations. We recommend the Fairy Godmother Project to anyone who wants to capture more than just a record of themselves.

Thank You Zane!

Rebecca & Aaron

Yay our wedding album has arrived!! Thank you Zane Karklina it's amazing! Can't wait to show everyone now!

Iman Khonji, Faith Jones Ltd

I just wanted to thank you again for the absolutely WONDERFUL photo shoot today - I am so impressed by your talent and the way you handled me and my work. I'm truly over the moon to be working with such a talented photographer and will be recommending you to all my customers!!! Oh my goodness Zane I am speechless - I could cry right now I love them so much!!!!!!! 

Mrs Iman (Faith) Khonji, Faith Jones Ltd Director & Cake Artist


Elina & Richard Rolfe ​

Zane was one of two photographers we had at our wedding, but I have to admit, I preferred her photos. Her pictures were hear-felt, sincere and very warm. They were naturally beautiful, capturing the moments exactly the way they were and maybe even making them look slightly better than in real life! Photography is Zane’s passion. You can tell that from how excited she is at the beginning of each of her new assignments. Asking her to do your wedding photos you are made to feel like you are doing her a favour, which is an amazing feeling.

She loves people, she is super positive and gets on amazingly well with everyone. She finds beauty in people and she is a people photographer. After looking at our wedding pictures I saw moments I had not noticed from the day even when I was part of the picture. It was an absolute pleasure to have her and if I had to do it again, and if I could - I would not have any other photographer, but two Zanes instead. ​

We found Zane very professional and courteous in her approach to getting the right photographs in both formal and informal settings. For the informal photos most of the time we did not even notice her, which is the way it should be. None of our guests felt 'on display' or were forced to pose. The formal set of photographs was organised and completed quickly without people feeling they were being 'herded' around. Very pleased with the end product, which was delivered to us within just a few days of the event. All the communications and queries we had beforehand were always answered promptly and clearly. Although this was our first experience with a wedding photographer I can't fault the service as it was everything I expected it to be. Thank you again for everything.

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